Painted Glass Adds an Artistic Touch

Painted glass has become a popular choice for interior features, including backsplashes. Painted glass is extremely durable and will not fade or discolor, making it a smart alternative to traditional ceramic or stone tiles.

 A ceramic frit coating is applied to clear glass before heating to an extremely high temperature. Once the glass has been painted, it is extremely durable and the color will not fade, discolor or crack. Painted glass is scratch-resistant so it maintains it glossy, new appearance.

 The application and purpose will determine the thickness and edgework of the glass. Back painted glass can be fabricated to include notches, holes, cut-outs and custom shapes, adding to its versatility and creative appeal

Featured above is a backsplash we recently installed in a contemporary kitchen project. The homeowners wanted to avoid the interruptions of grout lines while pulling in some color. This blue glass painted backsplash perfectly achieves that and adds a beautiful, artistic feature to this kitchen.

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