What Makes Us Work

As most of us are finishing up the work day, Pat Abboud is just getting started! Pat has served as our Night Crew Manager since joining the Quality Glass & Mirror team in 1998, and he is a huge part of What Makes Us Work!

The evenings are busy at Quality Glass & Mirror. Pat plays a vital role in overseeing nighttime activity so our daytime production and distribution can run smoothly and efficiently. Loads of incoming raw materials are delivered nightly after 8 pm. A typical load is 44,000lbs and can contain eleven crates that need to be removed from the truck by a crane.

Pat manages the night crew staff, overseeing the process of loading and preparing trucks for the next day’s deliveries. There is a definite skill to loading the trucks in an organized manner, depending on the delivery schedule, and no one does it better than Pat!

In addition to loading trucks for deliveries, the night crew preps the warehouse for another day of production. Pat stages the material and loads materials into the cutting line so the day crew can hit the ground running. When everything is prepped and ready for the next day, Pat can be found running a second shift of tempered glass.

“Pat is loyal, honest and trustworthy,” said Jason Hoover, vice president of Quality Glass & Mirror. “He has an amazing memory, which really comes in handy. I know when I come in each morning that Pat has everything ready for us to get started.”

Pat is here every night, Sunday through Thursday, and he never, ever misses a shift! He truly is a big part of What Makes Us Work!