Quality Glass & Mirror – History of Our Sign

If you have driven near 144th and L Streets, you may have noticed the sign on the front of our building, especially at night when it is illuminated. This sign was seven years in the making, from our initial vision to completion and installation, and we are so proud of the final product!

Of course the sign is made of glass, and measures an impressive 15 x 20 feet. It is much larger than it appears from the intersection! It is illuminated at night, and by day it showcases the durability and beauty of glass as an option for outdoor signage.

The entire background of the sign is painted glass and is illuminated from behind, and the green border is lit with LED lights. We were proud to work with Signworks, another Omaha-based, family-owned company, to create the sign. Signworks installed the metal framework for the glass we created, and they masterfully engineered and attached the sign with more than 70 holes drilled into the face of our building.

“The Quality Glass and Mirrors was a very fun project for us to work on,” said Jeff Hayden, vice president of operations for Signworks. “It was one of the first signs we completed using LED lights instead of neon. There was a lot of back and forth between the two companies, and the glass really makes that a unique, one-of-a-kind sign.” Since completing our own sign, we have worked with Signworks to create several more signs that incorporate glass into the design.

We invite you to come take a closer look at this unique sign. It’s a great example of how glass can function to help promote your business. While you are here, come in for a complete tour of our showroom. Come discover how we can create your custom glass masterpieces!