Yearly Archives: 2016

Custom Glass Door Adds Beauty to Omaha Home

We love it when a glass feature that we have designed and created goes almost unnoticed because it’s function is to showcase something beautiful – a unique feature of the home, or the outdoors. This is the case with the interior glass door we built and installed in the home of Mike and Connie Roseland...
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Using Glass To Create Art

airplane 4 Most of our projects involve glass features that are practical and functional. We are experts in windows and glass walls and shower enclosures, but we love opportunities that allow us to show our creative side, creating art while showcasing the versatility of glass. That is...
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Omaha Track Showcases the Real Value of Glass

A funny thing about glass is that is it can be easily overlooked. By it’s very nature it is difficult to actually see. When carefully incorporated into the design of a building, you can almost forget that it is there! But, don’t underestimate the value glass can bring to the design of a project. Read more